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"The Ballroom Neighborhood" - Barrio Blue Moon

Barrio Blue Moon is a neighborhood in Tucson, with a population of around 1500 people. Barrio Blue Moon is a neighborhood in Pima County that many who live there would regard as one of the best places to live in Arizona. The majority of people in Barrio Blue Moon rent their houses, giving them an urban feel. Barrio Blue Moon has a lovely assortment of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, parks and outdoor spaces. The residents of Barrio Blue Moon have a moderate political outlook. Barrio Blue Moon's public schools are well regarded.

The "Blue Moon Ballroom," a dance hall that first opened in 1920 and remained popular until it burned down on March 16, 1947, is named after Barrio Blue Moon, one of Tucson's older neighborhoods. At the "Blue Moon," entertainers Billy Eckstien, Paul Whitman, and Tommy Dorsey played. Many long-time residents remember dancing in what they identify as a big barn with wodden window flaps that were pulled up at night to let cooling air in.

The Arizona Daily Star's Bonnie Henry wrote a book about Tucson that included a segment on the "Blue Moon Ballroom." Horses, pigs, and a chicken farm were among the other residents' possessions. Just a few homes from the 1940s survive after being completely destroyed and restored just 15 years ago.

Ward VI's Back to Basics Neighborhood and the Barrio Blue Moon Neighborhood Association were chosen in June 1999. Blue Moon is nearing the end of the $800,000 Back to Basic Grant creation phase. The neighborhood received a $150,000 grant from Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment in September 2001. This money would be used to build a desert lot in a natural park with an entry ramp for Tucson House residents. Blue Moon is a historically significant and culturally diverse feature of the culture.

Playground facilities for the local park (Esquer Park), traffic calming systems, roads, t-shirts with the Blue Moon slogan, artwork, and dusk-to-dawn lighting for the alleyways are only a few of the changes. Back to Basics funds have also been used to provide a tool lending library for people in the area.

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Very centrally located and with a population of slightly less than 10,000 people, the Amphi neighborhood is also the name of one of Tucson's school districts.

driving from Barrio Blue Moon, Tucson, AZ to the Amphi neighborhood