Commercial Roof Maintenance Programs

The condition of your roof plays a major role in the life cycle of your building. DC roofing is here to help you extend the life of your roof through regular inspections and maintenance.

Because a commercial roof is a costly financial investment, we recommend a regular, preventative maintenance program designed to save you money and give you peace of mind over the years. Large HVAC units, vents and other mechanical roof penetrations are potential weak spots in the roof that require regular monitoring and maintenance. High traffic areas are high risk areas. Foot traffic near hatches, access points and paths around HVAC units increases the risk of damage. Periodic inspection and maintenance are necessary in these areas.

Water retention is a red flag. Proper roof drainage is essential to the health of the roof, but seasons of accumulated leaf debris and clog gutters, drains and downspouts creating a pooling hazard.

A roof nearing the end of its life cycle is more likely to develop problems than a new roof. However, a regular maintenance program will keep you informed of important options such as the application of coatings that can extend the life of your roof.

Equipment and inventory loss or structural impairment due to water damage can have a substantial financial impact on commercial building owners. Without regular inspections and maintenance, your roofs warranty could lapse, leaving you with costly out-of-pocket repair bills.

Properly trained commercial roof maintenance professionals are trained to spot small issues before they become serious problems. Through state-of-the-art technology, these highly-trained inspectors examine every aspect of your roofs condition. A qualified roofing contractor skilled in recognizing the warning signs can detect potential problems before they become obvious to the untrained eye.

A regularly scheduled maintenance and repair program offers freedom for building owners. Once your roof is enrolled in such a program, you have the assurance of complete roof care protection. We will schedule all necessary inspections and present the results to you immediately.

Participation in a professional roof maintenance program fulfills maintenance terms of your roof warranty, guaranteeing your financial investment is protected. Similar to regularly maintaining your car, be sure to maintain your roof with a regular maintenance program. Our teams are not obtrusive - we do not interfere with your day-to-day operations. We perform our job safely without putting your employees or customers at risk. Our commercial roof care program prolongs the life of your roof and protects your investment.

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Maintaining Commercial Roof Systems


today in our video miniseries we're gonna talk a little bit about commercial roofing and the maintenance that's required with that so we're gonna pull up a picture here of a flat commercial roof now what kind of maintenance is involved with the roof system like this that facility looks like it has multiple types of roof systems so it's very important that whoever's doing the maintenance for that facility is knowledgeable with both systems there's a single ply system up on the upper roof in the back there and a still single ply but it's more of a granulated modified roof from the front the single ply in the back has a lot of units that need to be flashed and there's some internal rains we can tell from there so periodic walkthrough to make sure the drains are clogged and all the flashing around the units or properly seal it's very important yeah absolutely now I know that a common commercial flat roof is for restaurants and they've got a lot of special concerns to take into consideration what are some of the things they have to be careful with well that's a good point because a lot of building owners don't even realize that the grease hoods that are up on top of their roof systems can be detrimental to the type of system that's underneath it like an EPDM rubber roof for instance is very susceptible and the animal fats will actually eat that roofing away Wow all around the vent exhaust vent needs to have a grease trap or and we see more and more specifications for restaurants using a tpo which is a thermal plastic type of system which isn't as susceptible Wow Wow very good stuff there so just that's all we have time for today we're gonna wrap this video up but thank you so much Brad I think we know a lot more now about how to maintain our flat roofs for our commercial properties and make sure we really get the value and the durability we deserve order to keep them maintained thank you