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Roof Repairs Can Be an Alternative to a Complete Commercial Re-roof

If your commercial building is suffering from roof leaks or other problems, it might be time for a new roof, which can be a major expense to deal with. However, sometimes a knowledgeable commercial roof repair contractor can show you affordable alternatives to the expense of re-roofing your entire building.

The vast majority of phone calls from facility managers asking for prices for re-roofing end up where the building in fact does not need an entire new roof, but rather some repairs coupled with ongoing preventative maintenance.

One thing we all know - commercial roofs at some point in time will suffer some corrosion and will leak. And commercial roofs, at some point in time, will need to be replaced. A good commercial roof contractor can assist you in planning for that expense when the time comes, but in the mean time, preventive maintenance will make your roof last longer. Preventive maintenance will eliminate the headaches caused by water getting into your facility, and preventive maintenance will in fact lower the eventual cost of roof replacement.

By getting your flat roofing waterproofed and keeping water out of your roof assembly - for example out of your roof insulation - you can maintain the integrity of the roof insulation and reuse it when it comes time to re-roof. So it's extremely important to keep water out of your roof assembly.

Another element when it comes to budgeting for, and actually re-roofing buildings, is the concept of partial roof replacements. If you're dealing with, for example a 100,000 square foot facility and monetary restraints keep you from re-roofing the entire facility, you can do a part of the roof. You can do 25,000 square feet or 50,000 square feet at this time, and then simply tie into that new section at some future point with the balance of the roof replacement.

5 Common Causes of a Leaking Commercial Roof


Weather plays a big role on your roof it's outside in the elements harsh weather freeze tall rain when everything takes its toll on your roof hi my name is David Mann I'm a service technician here at west roofing going on my 25th year and today we're talking about the five common causes of a commercial roof leak signs of a leaking roof is obviously some stains yellow stains brown stains whatever the water stains may be if you see water on the floor or dripping from the ceiling that's obviously yes tell sign there's also an odor I mean a pungent odor strong I mean mold does kind of smell and you can definitely smell it as long as you've had any in your home or anywhere else and you have to smell the smelly you-you'd it's hard to get rid of something that has poor drainage it could go back to your gutters you can go to your drains as far as just drainage itself standing water it can actually seep into there and they can bill open your gutters you can get underneath layers and also go down inside your pipes of your drains and actually freeze and thaw and freeze until the break pipes to an open penetration means there's a vent or something coming through the roof where they had to go around that when they're putting on the membrane penetrations could be a gas line coming through could be all water lines could be HVAC a vent pipe a drain pipe anything that comes through your roof roof flesh is kind of go hand in hand with penetrations because when you do have penetrations or a wall changing you're gonna have flashing flashing is are not always metal they could be part of the real system that they use up there and they can use a termination bar to terminate that damaged membrane is the actual surface that you walk on is on your roof a lot of foot traffic and kind of damage and crush anything like that it can get through the membrane and then throw four into your insulation then all the way down if you have a small area that's damaged it's easy fix the longevity of a commercial roof is based upon the amount that you put down what you put down the material you put down there are different thicknesses of everything there's different thicknesses of rubber everything that you put on there determines your longevity to minimize any kind of damage more inside on the thirst equipment or anything like that please move everything out of the way as quickly as possible if at all possible if you can please mark any point of entry so when the service techs get there you can point out where it was um if you seen it move if you've seen it travel coming out of a ductwork coming out of a light fixture anything like that any more information you give the service tech when they get there would be very helpful it's always good to look around you never know if that's your only leak you might have one ten feet away if you have a leak like right by a wall go into the next room to see if it's leaking in there also so after you've maintained everything moved everything out of the way you want to call your roofing contractor at that time to get the problem fixed as soon as possible so if your building has received any internal damage it's probably best that you get your insurance company involved and if you can't at all possible look for your warranty information and if you don't have it our service tech will be able to help if your roof is under warranty depending on what the damage is it could be no charge to you no matter how you treat a roof leak it's a serious problem and it can grow larger here at West roofing systems we have a Mars program which is the maintenance repair of service there are different levels different tiers involved in that and if you call in for a roof leak we'll get the paperwork in order as fast as we can we do have a 24 hour on call service when you call in you'll leave a message and it'll get sent and just back to the person that's on call that eating and you'll receive a phone call possibly within a net 10 to 15 minutes you can also visit our online learning center to learn more about what causes roof leaks and what you can do to prevent them in the future you

An experienced commercial roofing company analyzes a particular building and identifies unique solutions, from making use of an energy audit to recommending highly energy-efficient solutions for your rooftop. It is best to hire a licensed, professional roofer to carry out the inspections and maintenance of the roof, as typically the plant owners have no knowledge or experience in the commercial roofing trade.

There are a lot of commercial roof options for flat roofs when it comes to materials, some of which include metal roofs as a common commercial roofing system, restoration options over your existing roof include spray foam, modified bitumen, reflective roof coating roof, built-up roofing (BUR), single-ply coating systems, Torch Down, EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer), single ply membranes, TPO Membrane Roofing system, TPO over gravel and more. For more information on the best commercial roofing products and services, contact us today.

Tearing down the roof usually means limiting your business activities for at least a few days, which can cost you even more in revenue. If you want to maximize the life expectancy of your roof and get the most out of your investment, consider implementing a commercial roof repair and maintenance program.

When it comes to commercial roofing repair, you have a lot of options. Compared to a full roof replacement for your property, the money you pay compared to the time, work hassle and cost you'll save on a full new roof installation makes for an easy choice. Whether you decide to request a scheduled maintenance plan where qualified roof contractors with professional equipment will provide regular, complete service inspections to ensure your flat roof is in good shape going forward is up to you. But it's an important point to understand that having a professional roofing company inspect your roof today rather than waiting for some big storm to call your insurance company to learn what kind of best estimate they'll offer you can take a lot of future stress out of your business life. Don't wait to see water leak or other problems develop - get a regular inspection and roof maintenance team on your roof at least once a year and prevent future damage before it's too late.

When it does come time for a repair, remember that not all roofing contractors are the same - there are different types out there. Make sure the one you hire offers solutions using high quality industrial materials on your project and that they have the experience to apply them properly. Check to see that previous customers are happy with the work they have done by checking with the Better Busines Bureau (BBB). Doing so will ensure that you get many years of hassle free use from your roof.

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