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Welcome to the sunny city of Tucson, Arizona, where tile roofs decorate many homes. These roofs not only look beautiful but also stand strong against the harsh weather conditions of the Southwest.

However, even the sturdiest tiles need care and repair over time. Leaks can develop, tiles can crack, and without proper attention, small issues can turn into big problems.

In comes DC Roofing of Arizona, your local experts in tile roof repair in Tucson. With a deep understanding of what your roof goes through under that bright Tucson sun, they're here to ensure it remains overhead for years to come — keeping you dry and comfortable.

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Ready to fix up your roof? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • In Tucson, Arizona, roofs face damage from intense sun and rain, requiring regular checks to prevent leaks.
  • DC Roofing of Arizona specializes in repairing tile roofs, using their knowledge of local weather conditions to ensure homes stay dry and comfortable.
  • Key reasons for leaks include worn-out underlaymentpoor-quality felt paper used in the 1980s and 90s, cracked tiles, incorrect installation or damaged flashing, clogged drainage paths, and aging roof components.
  • Professionals like DC Roofing of Arizona offer free inspections and estimates for repair costs, providing top-notch service with a focus on fixing any type of tile roof efficiently.
  • Choosing expert repair services extends the life of your roof by using quality materials and techniques that protect against future weather damage while ensuring your home remains safe.

Understanding the Need for Tile Roof Repair

Tile roofs stand strong against sun and rain, but they do need care. Checking tiles for damage keeps your home safe and dry.

Causes of Leaks in Tile Roofs

Tile roofs add beauty to homes but they aren't impervious to water. The challenge comes from what lies beneath the tiles, not from the roofing materials themselves. Here are some key reasons why leaks might happen in tile roofs:

  1. Deteriorated Underlayment: The layer underneath tiles, known as underlayment or felt paper, protects your home from water. It wears out over 12 to 20 years and needs replacement. If not replaced in time, water seeps through.
  2. Substandard Felt Paper: Especially in the Phoenix area, tile roofs experienced leaks due to poor-quality underlayment used during construction in the mid to late 1980s. This material fails to block water effectively after a while.
  3. Cracked Tiles: While broken tiles don't directly cause leaks, they worsen existing ones by allowing more water to reach the already vulnerable underlayment.
  4. Poor Installation: Sometimes, the issue starts during installment. Roofers must place each piece properly and ensure every section of the roof is covered without gaps that let in water.
  5. Faulty Flashing: Flashing acts as a seal around roof features like vents and chimneys. If installed incorrectly or damaged over time, it becomes an entry point for water.
  6. Clogged Drainage: Roofs have paths that guide rainwater away. Leaves and debris can block these routes, causing water to pool on your roof and eventually leak through weak spots.
  7. Aging Roof Components: Just like any part of a house, roofing elements wear down with time. Older roofs are more prone to leaks since their materials have endured years of weather exposure.
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Understanding these causes helps homeowners keep an eye out for early signs of trouble and maintain their tile roofs well before minor issues turn into major leaks.

Broken Tile Replacement

Leaving leaks in tile roofs unattended can lead to bigger roof needs, but taking out and changing broken tiles is a key step in fixing those leaks. Over time, underlayment or felt paper beneath the tiles wears down, necessitating its removal and substitution.

This process usually occurs over 12 to 20 years. Finding new roofing squares that perfectly match your old ones poses a challenge due to the scarcity of manufacturers since 2008, making it both hard and costly.

Experts skilled in clay and concrete square restoration have tools and techniques to carefully remove damaged pieces without harming surrounding ones. They ensure that any replacement closely resembles your home's original look, even with limited options available.

Choosing high-quality materials for these replacements is crucial for maintaining the durability and appearance of your roof while ensuring it remains watertight against future monsoons or harsh weather incidents typical of Tucson’s Southwestern climate.

Expert Tile Roof Repair Services in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is home to some of the most skilled tile roof repair experts. Companies like DC Roofing of Arizona take pride in providing top-notch services. They focus on fixing every type of tile roof, from clay to concrete tiles.

With an emphasis on excellence and professionalism, these teams ensure your roof gets the care it needs. They also offer free inspections and estimates so homeowners can understand repair costs upfront.

Whether you live in Corona de Tucson or Dove Mountain, Tanque Verde or Oro Valley the DC Roofing pros are ready to tackle leaks or any damage under your tiles promptly and efficiently., 

Rest assured that their licensed, bonded, and insured status means you're getting quality service backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction. For expert tile roofing repairs in Tucson that give your home both protection and style, look no further.

If you need roofing service that's both reliable and experienced, get in touch with DC Roofing of Arizona today.

Benefits of Professional Tile Roof Repair

DC Roofing gets 5 star review for a tile roof repair in Tucson

Hiring a team of experienced roofers for your tile roof repair in Tucson ensures that the job gets done right. These professionals bring expertise to identify and fix leaks, replace broken tiles with ones that match perfectly, and tackle underlayment deterioration.

They know how to work with various materials like clay and concrete, ensuring your rooftop continues to protect your home as it should. This level of skill means quick detection of problems and efficient repairs, saving homeowners time and worry.

Another key advantage is the longevity professional repair adds to your roofing system. Using quality materials and proven techniques, these experts help extend the life of your tile roof significantly.

DC Roofing offers solutions that prevent future issues too, such as choosing more durable replacement tiles or applying advanced sealants for extra protection against weather damage. Opting for professional services not only improves the immediate condition of your roof but also boosts its overall performance over time, contributing greatly to the comfort and safety of those beneath it.

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Click for Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for tile roofing in Tucson, Arizona?

We specialize in expert tile roof repair services, including fixing broken roof tiles, installing new clay or sand-cast tiles, and complete tile roof replacements. Our team handles everything from minor repairs to major installations.

Can you fix leaks under my tile roof?

Yes! Our experienced team can identify and repair roof leaks that occur underneath the tiles of your roofing system. We ensure quality roofing solutions that protect your home from water damage.

Do you provide services outside of Tucson?

Absolutely! Besides Tucson, we offer our expert tile roofing services in surrounding areas such as Oro Valley, Marana, Green Valley, Sahuarita, and many more locations within Pima County.

What types of tiles are available for my roof?

Our wide range of options includes clay tiles, sand-cast tiles, glazed styles, shingle looks and more - all available in various colors and styles to match your home's aesthetic perfectly.

How does your warranty work for new tile roofs?

When you choose us for a new tile roof installation or replacement service; we back up our work with a solid warranty that covers both materials and labor ensuring peace of mind regarding the durability of your investment.

Why should I choose your company for my roofing needs?

Our commitment to customer service excellence sets us apart; plus every member on our team undergoes thorough background checks guaranteeing trustworthy service every time you call us to discuss your needs.


Expert tile roof repair in Tucson, Arizona, stands out for its dedication and quality. DC Roofing of Arizona leads with a promise of durability, affordability and excellence in service. They tackle everything from leaks under tiles to fitting new ones that match perfectly.

Trust them to extend the life of your roof with materials that brave the elements year after year. For peace of mind over your head, choosing expert tile roof repair in Tucson is a smart move.