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Spectacular Natural Beauty of Sabino Canyon

The Santa Catalina Mountains and the Coronado National Forest are home to significant canyons, which also include the Sabino Canyon. Visitors to Arizona can enjoy Sabino Canyon as a place to walk, hike, or ride. There are waterfalls in Sabino Creek within minutes of the desert, and bridges have been constructed for deer and javelinas, skunks, tortoises, rattlesnakes, and mountain lions.

This Canyon has been used by people living in the Tucson, Arizona area for 2,000 to 3,000 years. Most likely the original inhabitants, the native Americans who were here a long time ago, this was the original Tucson Mall, because they came here for for food, for shelter, for clothing, for everything they needed. Because the plants that grow here, the animals that are available here, provided everything they needed, including basic things, basic kind of drugs, they can make teas from from the plants, they could make styptic for for cuts. They could do lots of things with these plants, so that they basically could satisfy all their needs.

A lot of people like to think that the desert is a is a very harsh environment where you can barely survive. It is a harsh environment, but it is a place where plants and people have thrived, for thousands of years.

A trip to Sabino Canyon may expose you to seeing a Saguaro bloom. Those blooms only lasts for 24 hours. They open at night, they are then pollinated by birds, bees and bats and then the the bloom, once it is pollinated, it closes. And then the fruit will emerge in several weeks.

Most of the saguaros you'll see are a pale greencolor. Typically in the desert, the darker green of a saguaro or other cacti indicates the the presence of water, as you'll see down, closer along Sabino Creek.

There are trails throughout the Sabino Canyon area. You can walk among the saguaros, which are just beautiful. The iconic plant of the desert, there are trails throughout the area, so you can enjoy the desert plants and the desert critters.

There are many many critters out here and you are more likely to see signs of them than to see the critters themselves. Unless you come out very, very early or very, very late and you can sit quietly for a long time. There are obviously Cottontail and Jackrabbit. There are the Bobcat, which is about a thirty pound cat with a very short tail, a really quite beautiful cat. Then they are predators, but they are not dangerous to human beings, but there is also the mountain lion here. Mountain lion is a little more serious, something that you want to be very, very cautious of. You're, probably not likely to see them because they are very furtive. Although there are some cats here that have become accustomed to people, so they're not they're, not quite as shy of being seen.

But if you do see a mountain lion, first of all, you want to you want to keep your distance, you don't want to turn and run. You want to look at that mountain lion and you want to appear as large as you can. Raise your hands if you want. You can speak loudly and firmly. If you can pick up a rock, pick up that rock and throw it at the mountain lion, because basically, we want to make it clear to the mountain lions that we are a threat to them, not a meal.

Isn't Tucson amazing?!? Having this kind of access to nature while still having all the amenities of the beautiful and cultural city itself, along with all the great dining, resorts and more.

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