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Roof Repair

It is not pleasant to realize you may have to have a repair done on your roof. However, you should not ignore it either. When you understand the basics of residential roof repairs, you can ask the right questions and use the roofing industry's terms more confidently when you speak with a roofing contractor. .

If you're planning home improvement projects, fixing your roof isn't a top priority. Building a solid roof over your family's heads is very rewarding and reassuring, but I don't think they will have the same kind of a "wow" factor as adding a deck or a pool.

But still, if you suspect something is amiss with your roof, it is something you should definitely pay attention to.

The truth is that a damaged roof will progressively get worse until you address and resolve the problem. The amount of water that might leak from your ceiling as it rains can increase with time. Therefore, you may expect to see more water leaks as time goes on.

Understanding this process is crucial as it makes it clear that you would need to make a much larger, more costly repair if you let things go too long. Roof problems should be dealt with sooner rather than later. DC Roofing is at your disposal to have a look at your roof and give you an estimate on what is necessary to have it properly repaired.

Roof Coating

You hear a lot of talk about roof coatings, particularly elastomeric cool roof reflective coatings in hot weather climates like Tucson as well as the rest of Arizona. In the roofing industry, this material is popular and has a number of benefits worth considering.

Elastomeric is a rubber compound that stretches and contracts. When made into roofing material, it can endure temperature fluctuations while returning its original form. This is an ideal material for desert roofing. The material in this type of covering comes in liquid form, but when applied to a rooftop, it hardens into a monolithic roofing membrane, which forms a watertight barrier against moisture when properly applied, as well as an air, gas, and moisture barrier as well.

Getting a watertight seal depends in part on how the material is applied. The durability of the material is another factor in water resistance.

Quality elastomers like APOC 252 that are applied with a 3/4" nap roller followed by two additional coats after curing will give your roof a solid seal, so you don't need a primer coat first. Using white roofing materials reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the roof. Research shows that cool roof coatings can reduce roof temperatures and save you money on cooling bills.

Roof Inspection

Having a solid and leak-free roof above your head is essential. By obtaining a residential roof inspection from a licensed roofing contractor, you will ensure that your roof does not fail you anymore.

People often get their roofs examined after severe weather such as high winds or hail; however, if your roof is more than 5 years old and has not been inspected, it might be worthwhile for you to have it inspected now as a preventive measure.

Roofs are typically inspected in the fall, before winter weather arrives and makes repairs difficult to perform. In Tucson and the southern part of Arizona, that’s obviously not so seasonally critical! If possible, you should have your roof inspected before monsoon season arrives taking seasonal weather into account.

Because of the wind, rain and occasional microbursts of extremely damaging weather, it is possible that a roof's weaknesses will be exposed in an unattractive way. In the same way that snow and ice can make roof repairs difficult, monsoon weather makes them more challenging. It is always better to be safe and informed and know what to do if you suspect your roof may need repairs before any problems arise.

In case you've never had your roof inspected you might wonder how the process works. Give DC Roofing a call if you have questions - we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

Roofing Contractors - Finding a Reputable Roofer

You want to make sure you’re making the best choice when hiring a Tucson roofing contractor, since a good roof is so important. To achieve all that you want and deserve, you must get professionalism, quality and affordability.

For an individual to become a roofing contractor, one does not need a college education, but must possess the skills necessary to obtain a job. Roofers need at least two years of experience in order to be licensed in the majority of states, but certain exceptions do apply. They also need to be insured and bonded, and have a business license.

It could be argued that the biggest reason to hire a roofer rather than trying a DIY project is actually cost savings.

Some homeowners attempt roof repairs themselves, but make costly mistakes which require them to hire a contractor. Cost-effectiveness has always been proven when you go with a professional roofing contractor. Reliable roofers form long-term relationships with local suppliers that enable them to benefit from lower prices as well as work more efficiently. A roofing contractor can complete the project more quickly and efficiently because of his equipment. You’ll save a great deal of money by hiring a roofing contractor over DIY roofing.

Tile Roofs and Tile Roof Leaks

Does your tile roof leak, or did it leak previously? Do you want to know why tile roofs leak and what you can do to repair a leaking tile roof, as well as how to prevent a future roof leak?

Sometimes tiles can get out of place, and you will find the felt paper underneath exposed, in turn causing the paper or underlayment to become deteriorated.

On a roof that’s under 35 years old and has not been damaged by a weather event, a tile roof leak will generally be a direct result of the original installation.

Unfortunately, most roofing contractors working for developers must pay the roof installers on a square basis. This means that the guy doing the installation is motivated to do the job quickly as he can – less installation time means more money per job.

Many homeowners find tile roofs very appealing. In addition to being strikingly beautiful, they hold up well against harsh weather conditions. As with other roofs, they can, however, develop problems. It is better to spot these problems and get them fixed sooner rather than later. It is likely to be a simpler fix, and in the long run you will spend less than you would if you waited until it became a big issue.

In the event you see signs of roof damage, you should get in touch with DC Roofing of Arizona for assistance.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Roofing materials made of asphalt are the most commonly used in North America as they are the least expensive. DC Roofing would be happy to help you learn more about asphalt shingles and see whether they are right for you. For roofing projects, here are some reasons people ask about asphalt shingles.

Asphalt roof shingles are probably the most favored roofing option because they're the most affordable option. Usually, asphalt shingles last 12 to 17 years if properly installed. Although asphalt shingles are not as durable as a tile roof, a longer-lasting material, they are generally less expensive and therefore can provide better protection over time.

Even though asphalt shingles aren't as durable as metal or slate roofs, roofing tiles or cedar shakes, they provide adequate protection. Most people consider it the most cost-effective option due to its medium protection combined with its low price point.

Flat Roofs

Many flat roofs are typically found on commercial structures instead of on residential structures in most places, but here in Arizona they are quite common. The choice of a flat roof involves several variables, such as the materials, the weather, and the maintenance. A flat roof has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Flat Roofing Advantages

Some people prefer a flat roof over tile roofing or shingles, because it has several advantages. Here are some of the reasons to choose flat roofs.

Ease of Construction:

Construction of a flat roof should not pose any problem to your contractors, so you will not have to worry.

A flat roof is durable:

If you prioritize durability, then a flat roof is the ideal solution. A flat roof is impervious to water, which eliminates worries about water damage. A roof with a flat concrete surface can withstand heavy winds. The risk of a fallout declines when you opt for a flat roof on your home.

If you need a Roof Repair, It's Easy:

If something goes wrong, repairing the flat roof is just as easy as building it. Repairing a flat roof or re-coating it is cheaper than repairing other roofing systems. Flat roofing does not have to break the bank or cause you a lot of stress.

Cleans Up Quickly:

It is easier to maintain a flat roof compared to most systems, since it is easier to reach. The debris on your roof should be cleaned regularly to prevent algae, mold, and stains from building up. If you have a flat concrete roof, pressure washing is the best way to clean it without damaging it.

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With guest ranches, horseback rides, and cattle drives harking back to the Old West, you will also find yourself in the center of resort hotels, spas, and championship golf courses...and no shortage of amazing restaurants. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated Tucson as the World City of Gastronomy. Tucson has an array of vibrant performing and visual arts that is complemented by renowned art museums and galleries.

In this region the Sonoran Desert is famous for its spectacular cacti, including the iconic saguaro, the symbol of the United States Southwest. Despite the term “desert,” you will find mountains in every direction, which make for excellent driving and skiing. A winter walk through the valley can be followed by a drive up to Mt. Lemmon and its slopes. Tucson’s spectacular sunsets and year-round sunshine have charmed visitors for decades.

We love taking in our beautiful and unique desert scenery, with Saguaro National Park and Sabino Canyon being two of our personal favorites!

Would you like to see giant saguaros in the wild? Visit Saguaro National Park, located near Tucson, which protects and preserves a giant saguaro forest. Often growing to over 50 feet tall, the Saguaros sometimes grow to more than 200 years old and are unique to the Sonoran Desert. As a result, Sonoran Desert residents have been referred to as kings of the desert.

The history of Sabino Canyon is as fascinating as it is diverse. The Santa Catalina Mountains formed over 12 million years ago, 7 million years before the earliest known humans existed on earth. There is speculation that the Hohokam people were the first people in Sabino Canyon.

After taking in the outdoors, if you’re built up an appetite, you’re in luck because the Tucson food scene is taking off! There are some great restaurants in Downtown Tucson where the food is great and the vibe is very hip.

And we're not even scratching the surface of what makes Tucson and the University of Arizona great - not the least of which is all the great Tucsonans and Arizona Wildcats!