Roof Maintenance And Your Commercial Roof Warranty

Levels of Warranty on Commercial Roofs

There are various levels of roof warranty that you might consider, depending on how long you want your commercial roof to last.

Some roofing contractors will actually just offer a contractor's warranty. They'll offer the contractors material only warranty or a contractor system warranty. Material only is very much like it says, the material is going to perform based on its design and the contractor will warrant that. That's probably the lowest warranty available out there.

A contractors full system warranty basically covers things like, if you've got a leak that's not due to a third party or something outside of the workmanship and the materials that were installed, the warranty is going to be covered at no cost.

regularly scheduled roof maintenance being done

When you want to take it the next level up, you talk about getting a manufacturer's product warranty. Now those are again they're they're very low cost, because the manufacturer is basically giving a warranty that what we sent to that contractor is going to perform as designed and advertised, for the length of time it was designed to perform. They do provide a little peace of mind, but they don't have as much teeth as say a manufacturer's full system warranty where the manufacturer then says, in writing, that if due to workmanship and/or material, if the roof leaks throughout the duration of the warranty, whatever that is; 10, 15, 20 years - that they will cover the cost for the repair of that leak for you.

Maintenance Plans Extend the Life of Your Roof Warranty

Why You Need A Roof Maintenance Program - Insurance Against Your Insurance Company


we're here at our home office just want to tell you really quickly about our new program that we just came out with a couple of weeks ago it's our residential roof maintenance program. okay now some bigger companies offer maintenance programs to their bigger commercial clients but I want you guys to be able to take advantage of what a maintenance program can do for your home alright so there's gonna be four levels of service bronze silver gold platinum the bronze level basically we're going to come out twice a year in October and April or depend on what month you actually sign up for that might change a little bit in the first year well then after that going forward will be April in October you can pay for it when you sign up you can pay for the whole year and 1-shot save a little bit of money that way or you can pay for it monthly I'm either way you're getting way more value than the actual cost to you okay the first level is just going to be where we come out we take pictures of the entire exterior of the home windows siding gutters roof paint condition everything then we'll take it home and we'll mark it up with circles and arrows to highlight the different things that we want to point out in those pictures create a report for you on some software that we've got email that to you and then you've got documentation as to the condition of your home and insurance companies tell you that the best way to document what's in your home should there ever be a fire or theft or anything is to take a video of all of your contents this is exactly the same thing but for the outside of your home so it's a huge value they're gonna be a little more into that later especially for you if you've got an executive home really large really expensive something like that so stay tuned towards the end Alex why that's so important but our next level is going to include some minor repairs with that and then if you have either gold or platinum levels we're going to go ahead and clean your gutters and it's also going to include some priority scheduling should you have any kind of leak or hail damage or something like that it'll include some level of repairs for free we'll do some emergency mitigation at no cost to you so there's a lot of different benefits to these email me an atom at Front Range storm contractors comm and I can send you all the details about it or you can text me at seven two zero seven two four one five one five to request some information now the reason that this is so important even if all you get is the bronze level is because right here I've got on our white board what it costs replace some types of roofs so if you've got asphalt shingles Oh unfortunately I didn't write this looking in the mirror so this is gonna look little backwards to you guys so this says asphalt shingles and they range from five hundred to six hundred dollars for a hundred square feet of replacement costs okay most houses are gonna be twenty or two thousand square feet so 4,500 square feet now remember this is per hundred square feet here so we call that squares okay so twenty to forty five squares is gonna be most roofs with asphalt shingles but that's coming out to ten thousand to twenty-seven thousand dollars just for the roof alright then you've got another kind of material called wood roof which is like a faux wood it looks like wood but it's really not it's gonna be about seven hundred dollars per hundred square feet to replace those most those houses are slightly larger 245 squares so you're coming out at 21,000 to 32,000 for a cost to replace just the roof there now would shake roofs themselves are gonna be 700 to 800 dollars per square to replace them most of those are gonna be 3,200 squares it's a pretty big house but they they do exist out there so that's gonna be about 21,000 to $80,000 just replace the roof only should it ever need to be replaced if you've got a metal roof and that can be what looks like kind of corrugated metal it's called standing seam or it can be there are metal tiles and some of those metal tiles even have the same type of granular covering that asphalt shingles have okay so there's different types of metal roofs so that's gonna arrange generally from eight hundred to a thousand dollars per hundred square feet to replace those and the size of those roots are gonna be 30 to 100 squares so you're talking 24,000 to $100,000 just replace the roof you've got concrete tile roof those are starting at $1,000 a square some of them can be i've got there's a glare but $2,000 or more depend on their brand Ludowici squares extremely expensive so those are also gonna be about 30 to 100 squares per roof so you're looking at 30,000 to $200,000 just replace the roof if it's damaged with hail now do you really think your insurance company wants to pony up all that money so the more expensive your roof is the harder they're gonna fight to not have to replace that roof okay so would shake metal roofs and concrete tile roofs if you've got that on your house your insurance company is going to for sure hire an engineer to come out and try to tell you that there might be damage on your roof but it's not from something that your policy cover it's not from Hale it's not from wind it's gonna be foot traffic installation air especially on concrete ah they're gonna try to pass it off as what they call expansion and contraction damage you know heating and cooling cycles it's just not true there are all kinds of videos on YouTube that you can google about testing how hail damages concrete tile and basically there's a little corner let me see if I can a little corner down at the right lower corner of the tile that is the most susceptible to damage and when hail hits right on that corner and breaks that corner off your insurance company is going to try to say that that just happened because there wasn't enough room for it to expand and contract well if you can manually just shake or jiggle that concrete tile there's plenty of room for it to expand and contract but there are videos out there showing one-inch hail damaging concrete tile and they're gonna try to tell you that it takes softball sized hail to cause any kind of damage so if you have documentation of the condition of your roof that there were no problems before the hailstorm then you get a hail storm and you've got 30 or 40 of those concrete tiles with a little piece that's missing chipped cracked off something like that then they come and say nope sorry that you know expansion contraction and say really so it all happened between you know the end of April when my contractor took pictures of it and the middle of May when the storm came through so two weeks there somehow all these tiles just no I'm not buying it and then they come around and they go oh you have pictures I guess maybe we'll have to pay for it then so you can see how this would be extremely beneficial for anybody with an expensive roof just to insure that their insurance company is going to do what they promised when you pay your premium every month it's extremely cost-effective for you and give us a call or text us at seven two zero seven two four one five one five send us an email Adam at Front Range storm contractors comm will send you all the information with no obligation and looking forward to hearing more from you guys later about how much you really love this program and how much it really saved you when you got hit by hail