How Long Should a Commercial Roof Last?

inspecting commercial roof as part of maintenance plan

Extend Your Roof's Life with a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Just like anything else at your facility, your roof needs preventative maintenance. Most times people will have their carpets cleaned, or have their windows cleaned, but never think about performing preventative maintenance on their roof assembly.

A leaky roof can cause more damage than lightning, fires, and theft and vandalism combined. Inspect your roof semi-annually and after every major storm before further damage or business interruption occurs. 

How Long Should a Commercial Roof Last? When paired with inspections, general maintenance and upkeep cost just 1 percent of the cost of a new roof. It can extend your roofs life by over 50%! So instead of five roof replacements over 80 years, your well-maintained building may only need three. And that can save your business up to 40%.

Your roofs are certainly exposed to much harsher elements than your carpets or the interior of your windows, but it's easy to forget the things that you don't see every day. But without that preventative maintenance, there can be very costly, long term ramifications to not performing that preventative maintenance.

Talk to a roofing inspector you trust and get your next inspection on the calendar today.

Regular roof maintenance basically gets somebody on your roof to take a visual inspection of all the different components. It doesn't take much for a small split or tear to develop into a major leak, quickly, especially if it's over a weekend where the facility is not occupied. It can become very costly very quickly.

Setting up a regularly scheduled maintenance and repair schedule will give a building owner a viable option on protecting their investment and extending the life of their roof system.

A couple things you might want to look for when contracting a maintenance and repair company for your roof. In addition to inspecting the roof surface, you'll want them to inspect the walls, windows, rooftop units, vent pipes, and basically anything connected to your roof system. Regular maintenance will help catch and prevent issues as they develop. Weather, physical damage, rooftop traffic, and neglect are all factors.

It is recommended to maintain your roof at least twice a year, and after major weather events.

The minimum you will want is a visual inspection plus cleaning drain baskets and gutters, and a Roof Inspection Report to let you know what they found.

The next level up would include things like debris removal, small general repairs performed, an inspection report for larger repairs, all seams and flashings of rooftop units inspected too.

The most comprehensive service level you might consider would cover everything mentioned above, plus all visual repairs performed, complete Roof Inspection Report, with new roof cost, CAD drawings of roof, all seams and flashing on roof inspected, infrared roof survey, leak guarantee of no more than five visits.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It - Why You Should Consider a Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial Roof


When it comes to commercial roofing, we want to provide not only outstanding repair and preventive maintenance service, but to also inform our clients on how they can maximize the useful life of their roofing asset. It is our responsibility to help our customers make their roof last as long as possible. Let's face it, roofs are expensive, and you need them to last a long time. It is our belief that if we can do this, and partner with you throughout the life of your roof, then we will be in the best possible position to earn your re-roofing business when that time comes. There are several things that differentiate CentiMark's service from the rest of our industry. The first is our wide knowledge of each of the major families of roofing, regardless of the type of roof you have of EDPM, built up roofing, modified bitumen, metal roofing or PVC and TPO, our technicians have been trained to work on each of them. Please know that whenever you require service on your roof, it is the technician that is performing the service that will ultimately determine the long-term success of the work performed. This is exactly where CentiMark places emphasis. Our service technicians have an average of over 10 years in the roofing industry. Secondly, today's various roof systems require their own unique materials, and having the strong knowledge of what works properly for each roof system is critical. With this in mind, our service vehicles are equipped with the necessary materials needed to provide long-term performance. You must always be prepared because you never know what you will encounter. Accountability starts with transparency. All of our customers have the ability to view before and after photographs on each repair made. You have the ability to view a satellite image with a map pin locating the repair. This information is housed on MyCentiMark Local. At your fingertips, you now have a complete record of when, where, and what type of repairs we make. Repair history can be beneficial for future budgeting. We are available 24/7 in a variety of ways. 1-800-254-0853,, and try our newest method, our mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices. We have been in business since 1968, have the experience behind us, and you have our commitment that we will look for better and efficient ways to service you in the future. Thank you.