Benefits of White Roof Coating

flat roof coated with white elastomeric roof coating in Tucson

Why Tucson Loves White Coated Roofs

There are a lot of reasons why people, especially home owners in Arizona, choose to go with a white, reflective elastomeric roof coating for their homes. Let's take a look at some of their reasons and the benefits of using this roof coating.

First, their reflective coatings that are rolled or sprayed onto the roof surface to protect from wear and tear caused by the sun's heat and UV rays. When applied white roof coatings provide a highly reflective seamless solar barrier that increases the life span of a roof. It protects it from breaking down which can lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks. White roof coatings are also energy-saving and can reduce summer cooling costs by up to 40% by reflecting the sunlight and the resulting heat. These coatings are recommended for flat or metal roofs however they are not recommended for use on PVC, sheet roofing, or shingles of any kind. They're also not recommended for use over plywood walking decks, gravel, uncoated polyurethane foam or rubber.

Surface preparation is very important and there are three steps to prepare the roof.

Step one is you need clean warm and dry conditions. You need a clean surface with no dust or debris. You need dry whether for a couple of days, meaning there's no rain in forecast for 48 hours. And you need temperatures above 50 degrees for at least two days.

If you go up on your roof and can see a potential leak area in the roof, your first step is you want to put the white silicone sealant down nice and thick. You want to put about an eighth inch thick. This sealant comes in both tubes and gallons. Once you put it down over the leak you want to get a little plastic trowel you can find in the paint department of any big box store or hardware store. You want to cover where the potential leak areas are, and usually you want to go about an inch to two inches beyond where the leak is occurring. So that's step number one.

Step number two is you want to take your white fabric and you want embed it down into the patch. You can use your plastic trowel to push it in and again the final step is you want to cover that so you have a 3-course patch that will stand up to weather so that when the roof is doing its expansion and contraction, it holds the patch together, so the leak won't reappear.

Then when you put this patch down you should let this dry for four to five hours. It's a water based product, so that amount of time should be fine.

The next step is the asphalt primer. This is a base coat product that you put down to help the white roof coating adhere to the surface. It also helps waterproof the roof surface as well. You can simply put this down using a basic 3 knot brush. You only need to go north and south with this, and after you apply it should we draw in about six to eight hours. As far as the thickness of the material during your application, you always want to put a dime thick layer down.

How To Apply Silicone Roof Coatings Using Black Jack® Silicone


you've chosen blackjack silicon family of products a revolutionary roof coating system engineered to restore worn roofs and stop leaks for good these waterproofing products are great for reducing heat and saving energy costs across a variety of roof types step one is monitor the weather although Blackjacks silicon can be rained on within 60 minutes the roof must be completely dry prior to application do not start a project to bring it in the forecast ideal temperature for application is between 40 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit step 2 clean the roof before any product is used be sure dirt leaves and other debris are removed using a broom and pressure washer step 3 patch and repair identify any penetrations in the roof such as joints cracks fasteners skylights or roof vents applied blackjack silicone patch using a putty knife or a brush adding in a layer of reinforcing fabric for seams and transition areas use blackjack seam tape then add a layer of patch to ensure a watertight seal step 4 coat the roof you're not ready to coat your roof as the ultimate protection from the elements for asphaltic roof substrates there's an optional step to apply blackjack silicone primer to maximize adhesion and prevent bleed through to the top coating for all other substrates you can skip the primer and go straight to blackjack premium silicone roof coating be sure to mix thoroughly to ensure uniform consistency one gallon of product will cover approximately 50 square feet of roof surface so a five-gallon bucket would cover 250 square feet to determine square footage take the length of the roof multiplied by the width of the roof then divide by 50 to see how many gallons of product will be needed to complete your job apply with a nap roller using enough product to keep a thick bead of coating Israel all step 5 let it dry allowed to drive for a minimum of one hour at 40 degrees or higher before exposing the roof to water once you've coated the roof do not walk on it besides periodic maintenance your project is complete and your roof is ready to take on whatever Mother Nature has in store you can rest assured that Blackjacks 50 year warranty will keep you off the roof for a very long time should you have any additional questions please visit Black Jack coatings calm to see why black jack has been the professionals choice since 1913

The final step is the application the white roof coating. You just want to take a three-quarter nap paint roller, which you can also find in any paint department. You want to put two coats down of your white roof coating. You want to go north and south first. Again you want to go in a nice even consistency. Once you have covered north and south you want to wait about four to six hours, again depending on the humidity, and then you want to come back and go east and west.

So again it's two coats about a dime thick. You should get about a hundred square feet per gallon out of this product. Now this can also be sprayed on. A common customer question is, "if I spray it on do I have to dilute the product?" And the answer is no. The product is ready to use right out of the bucket.