A Guide to Hiring Reputable Roofing Contractors in Tucson

Considering how important a solid roof is, it’s no wonder that when you need to hire a Tucson roofing contractor, you want to make sure you’re making a solid choice.  You want professionalism, quality and affordability.  Making sure that you get everything that you want and deserve is an important task.

A roofing contractor doesn’t need a college education but should have the skills to get a job. A roofing contractor must have experience of at least two years before they can become licensed in most states, but there are exceptions. They also must be insured, bonded, and have a business license.

There are a number of reasons why you should definitely consider hiring a professional roofer over attempting any type of DIY project.  Surprisingly one of the biggest reasons is actually cost savings.

Saving Money on Your Roof

Many homeowners attempt roofing repairs on their own, but make costly mistakes that result in having to hire a contractor to fix the problem. Getting a professional roofing contractor has always proven to be the most cost-effective option. A reliable roofing contractor has forged long-term relationships with local suppliers, benefiting him from lower prices and enabling him to work more efficiently. The equipment he has enables him to finish the task more speedily and efficiently. It won’t take long to see how much you’ll save by finding a roofing contractor over DIY roofing.

And speaking of not taking long… that’s another advantage of hiring a professional!

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Saves Time

You will have more time to attend to other priorities by hiring a professional roofer. Professional roofers work on timelines and are able to complete the assignment as fast as possible and progress to the next project. In roofing, experience counts a lot, so you can bet a contractor has spent some time in the field. A good roofer knows how to handle a wide array of roofs, as well as how to save time and money by taking the right approach. Additionally, a roofer’s artistry typically comes in handy in ensuring that your roof lasts for more than several years before it needs repairs again (as any roof eventually will).

So, what should you look for when hiring your roofing contractor?

Qualifications of a Roofing Contractor

The home improvement industry values roof installation as one of the largest and most important projects someone can do for their home. So it is critical that your roof is in great shape. It keeps you protected from the elements. Installing a new roof is expensive, so it’s best if you do your research before hiring a contractor.

Most roofing contractors learn their trade from on-the-job experience and no formal education is required to become one. Different states specify whether a roofing contractor needs a license to work on any job, while others may have specific limitations for non-licensed roofers. Georgia, for instance, requires roofers who work on jobs that exceed $2,500 to be licensed.

The average roofing professional needs a couple of years of experience to apply for a license. If he or she passes the exam, he or she can take the licensed exam through the State Licensing Board or through another government agency.  Making sure your roofer is licensed can give you significant peace of mind that the work will be done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

It is also important for roofers to have the following:

  • Liability insurance is a good idea.
  • An active business license is required.
  • Having a bond
  • A written estimate should be provided.
  • A minimum of three references should be provided.

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when looking to hire a roofing contractor in Tucson.

Look for longevity and professionalism

Whenever you visit a contractor’s website, it’s good to see signs of professionalism, such as a license number (ROC in Arizona), BBB accreditation and a decent number of good reviews on third party platforms such as Google, Yelp or HomeAdvisor.

Make sure you get references (and check them).

Consider dealing with a company with a good reputation that can back up its quality claims with references you can check. Seeing testimonials online is fine, but speaking with someone face-to-face is more trustworthy. Although positive reviews from Angie’s List and other sources are not to be ignored, a contractor worth considering might not have been reviewed there. This is why you might consider seeing some of the roofs that they have worked on in person when possible.

Check In with Your First Impression

When you have a roofer visit your house to examine your roof and put together a price, pay attention to his appearance and demeanor. Pride goes beyond the job site. If he doesn’t look clean enough to sit at your breakfast table, do you really want him working on your house?

You should then detail all the details and ask the foreman for his name and to whom the work will be assigned. Finally, write everything down.

Every quote isn’t the same.

Before a roofer can provide a bid, he needs to see the roof in question. You can expect each candidate to provide insights into the work involved, including your best options and the estimated time required. When the contractor refuses to give you a detailed estimate, move on to the next candidate.

Here’s how one meeting went as described by someone who did thorough research into hiring a good roofer:

They showed us several samples of the shingle product we were interested in. Then they told us about his company, started by his father-in-law, and about the eight-man crew that had been working together for eight years. It had everything from ice and water shield to site cleanup and warranty information. I knew I wanted him for the job.

After a week, a crew and a dumpster showed up at the house. The old roofing was removed in a few hours and plywood sheathing was put up. On the first day, more than half the work was completed. When it was complete, I couldn’t find a single nail even when I searched under shrubs in the garden.

Hearing past clients share such experiences gives you a better chance of having this kind of good experience with your own roofing project.

DC Roofing of Arizona is more than happy to provide references, photos and to meet in person to have a look at your roof and give you a free, no obligation quote to get you the roof you want.

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